the beige scent

the beige scent

When Nicéphore Niépce took one of the very first photographs (View from the Window at Le Gras) back in 1826, he had probably no idea of how filters can manipulate the way we perceive one sinlge shot. Not only can they make the difference between an ok image and an outstanding one, sometimes they can turn around the whole meaning of a shot, or they can put an aspect to an image that just wasn’t visible before.

For me a filter is like a fragrance that you have to select carefully based on your dress, occasion and last but not least – which reaction do you want to provoke?

Hence I reckon this is even more true when it comes to people photography.

Speaking from my own experience, finding or developing the desired filter is a process that can take hours, days or forever. It is the most satisfying yet at the same time most frustrating part of picture post editing. Especially in the age of digital photography and social media’s on-the-fly-picture-editing, this topic has become more and more important.

The Amount of filters that are available online is endless and so are the parameters one has to consider when trying to develop or adjust the desired look or note – or fragrance.

Publishing unedited material however has merely become a sort of arty protest against modern times. Raw vs. Lies as some might put it.

My point of view is that I want to have the freedom to create the look I need in order to emphasize what I have to say or show, but I certainly don’t want to tell lies! Means, I don’t make certain body parts bigger or smaller, wider or tighter in post editing … but sometimes I do so before the shutter captures the moment 😉

Model: Yasmeena
Bratislava, Slovakia – 2019

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