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It is never too late for the first time! I think it even improves the quality of live the more often you do things for the first time – when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Here we are on a late afternoon in August: a friend I have known for many years, myself and my camera. It is going to be her first photo shooting and she was understandably nervous but excited at the same time, and a tiny potion of doubt and insecurity, which only seemed legit. Doubt and insecurity disappeared quickly after checked the first shots we had taken. Her growing confidence in what she is doing motivated the both of us.

eastern mysteries

It belongs to one of my greatest pleasures as a photographer, when my pictures can actually move or trigger something inside the person on the picture.

Especially the mindset of many women has been conditioned by magazines and ads for many decades (or even much longer), by hammering into their heads how women have to be, by reducing them to specific looks and appearance. My task is to support them by freeing the inner beauty of their individuality.

There are, of course, more pictures of this shooting. You can see them at my online gallery:

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