the lonely church

This lovely church is located near the border of Austria and Slovakia, next to the Danube bridge in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

the lonely church

I’ve been passing by a couple of times already and admired this beautiful site, but today I had everything needed with me, in order to take some nice pictures: time, camera and good weather conditions.

The church is situated on a top level plateau and has a huge hole underneath which turned out to be the left-overs of a bombed away ancient castle (abandoned around 1050). The whole area is fenced so I had to walk around to get a nice view.

into the ground

When I returned to the church the sun had almost hit the ground and offered a stunning image at the graveyard.

I actually merged two shots into one by using luminance-blending for the first time. I think this technique will become more and more relevant in landscape photography and even other categories.

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