Pannonia, 249 A.D.
Rome is in turmoil. A civil war has erupted and the roman legions protecting the Limes have been ordered to Italy to fight fellow romans. Germanic tribes and raiders are lurking beyond the Danube, waiting for their chance to exploit the poorly protected border.


of gods and gladiators

The ancient roman city of Scarbantia, located near Carnuntum at the Limes, is left to take care of itself. The financial aristocracy long ago fled the perilous region and left control of the city to ruthless gangs.
Amidst all this chaos many people seek refuge with a new sect. They speak of charity and brotherly love yet deny tribute to the emperor and the gods! Surely these heathens summoned the wrath of the gods and are co-responsible for the crisis at hands.


gladiator battle

The event started off with a slave market, provided tragic and poetic moments including theater performances, gladiator fights in the arena, twisted plots and loads of activities at the forum, such as trials, feasts and … thunderstorms 🙁

More than 100 role players in fancy dresses and locations have filled Scarbantia with great stories and emotions. Dive into this ancient world and check out nearly 900 pictures of this awesome event at my online gallery:


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