welcome to paradise

Once a year the ozorian gates to paradise open up – swallowing artists, free spirits and ‘crazy’ people from all over the world, chewing on them just to spit them back to life ten days later.

ozora fire

The difference between hell and paradise is sometimes just a thin line, especially when temperatures are constantly at boiling point. Although a ticket limit to 35k was announced, no one believed there were less than 60k ozorians gathered this year. Endless ques of poor souls lined up for the most essential thing there is – water. Every piece of shade well used and occupied. Ozora 2017 was hot! But nevertheless – Ozora works in its own magnificent way, as it always has been. What happens in Ozora – is Ozora.

Painters, performance artists, awesome people, room for spiritual exploration and exchange, and of course music – so wonderful and diverse.

chillout dome

Photography wise I have to admit that I had expected myself to be more engaged, but Ozora had different plans ready for me 😉

Nevertheless you can find more pictures of this stunning festival in my gallery and I hope you can get a glimpse of how amazing this place is, it is anyway impossible to capture the spirit of ozora in pictures or videos.

Here is the link to the Ozora 2017 album in my gallery:

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