codex deliae

On a rather short notice agreed to take pictures at this  LARP. The event took place at Schloss Forchtenstein in Neumarkt(Styria). On a very warm and sunny day in early April, the castle was filled with various intriguing characters with different believes, rituals and gods. They were summit as leaders of their people in order to prevent the world from being destroyed by an evil power of darkness – correct me if I am wrong.

As usual for being a photographer on such an event, there is a lot going on at the same time and totally unpredictable. Secrets get unlocked by magic spells, duels happen instantly and not seldom, highly emotional conversations lead to even more emotions, tears and anger. The joy of capturing all the various emotions is one of my personal motivations to shot at these events. Big thanks to impressive acting skills of the players. I stopped trying to follow conversations in detail, since I would understand not even half of it. The characters referring to places, persons and items that are totally unknown to me gets extremely tiring after a while and makes me feel like a true muggle in a magical and fantastic world where everything that is totally crazy perfectly fits.

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