I’m a freelance self-taught photographer in my late 30s based in Austria, near Vienna and the Alps.

Initially motivated to take ‘better’ pictures of my family I learned the very basics of photography by watching various youTube videos. That was 2014 and since then photography has become a very welcome addition to my life in many different ways. Not only has the annual family picture book undergone a certain improvement, photography helped me to discover the world around me and within me and still does. This blog is about what I experience, think and discover on my journey through my looking-glass … well, technically I no longer shoot using DSLRs, but hey!

Motivation and medigraphy
Sometimes I just put on my macro lens and go right into the middle of nowhere to sit patiently waiting for the right moment to capture a bee or a bug. While doing so I realized, that I experience a certain meditation like awareness. When my macro lens is on then it is medigraphy time 😉

Be now and be yourself
Another photographic activity that stroke me recently is my passion to capture people while they are being detached from social restrictions. I think O.Z.O.R.A. 2016 left a huge impact on me, myself and my work as a photographer. People have a shiny glow when they experience the so called ‘now!‘ and are not distracted by reality or their life. Which is also why I love shooting at LARP events or similar occasions.

What the f*ck is sexy???
There are countless puzzling topics related to the human concept of being attracted to certain looks, shapes, emotions. Also point of views about self-love, confidence, nudity seem to be a never-ending source of inspiration for me and many other people on this planet.

… and while you are already here: Why don’t you use the comment box below and share what fascinates you about photography?

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