So far in 2017, the weather and I have had our differences and many shootings and trips had to be canceled due to poor weather conditions.


On this particular day the conditions were right on the edge, dark clouds for as long as the eye could see … but still dry. I personally like a cloudy day for a shooting, since soft light and the dynamic sky just add to the results.

Paula and I arranged a 2nd shooting together since we were both happy with the results of our first encounter in May 2017. We just arrived on location when we spotted a nice helicopter with a red carpet. The security officer in charge allowed us to take some shots and we happily started immediately. What a pleasant surprise for a change

four o seven

The location itself is frequently used for wedding celebrations and as it turned out the helicopter happened to be the bridal pairs first choice of transportation. Since the day was young, groom and bride were still asleep .. good for us 😀

After this short session we continued our shooting … but more about that later.

As usual, you can see more images of Paula and this shooting at my online gallery:

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